Why this incubator


We are passionate about working with entrepreneurs and helping them to build their company. We believe that every business idea and entrepreneur deserves the right support, through knowledge sharing and even in their search for the most adequate people, even a co-founder.



A place where different materials are cast together to make a final product.



A person who, in conjunction with one or two other individuals, is instrumental in starting a business.

We build innovative startups durably:

Based on our personal experience and the shared know-how of our partners we will turn your idea into a sustainable company. Together we have build over 200 tech-inspired companies in Belgium with an above average success rate. Over time we have learned how succesfull entrepreneurs think and work, and we are happy to share this with you. 

We admire the success stories from Silicon Valley and at the same time we realize that you probably need a different approach. Because things work differently over here in Europe, Antwerp is not San Francisco and you are an entrepreneur in a different development stage than your next-door colleague.

We may have a lot of knowledge at our fingertips, but that doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced world of technology and entrepreneurship. Every day we meet people who enrich us with their learnings. We believe that sharing experiences is the best way to learn and that is how we structure our ‘startup university’. Get inspired by experts, learn from your peers. 

Our services

Put your ideas into action.

Being part of our community means you get access to three services:


Your startup needs technology, marketing and business know-how. We will cater to your needs to supply you with the knowledge and experience and build your company with you. Building means we get our hands dirty and work with you to code, create and organize your business. 


To grow your startup you and your team will have to keep evolving. You company changes, the market changes, technology changes. We provide training for founders and co-workers in a collaborative model where experts, entrepreneurs and startup team members learn from each other. We call it ‘the University of Startups’, because ‘the University of Life’ would be over-ambitious.  


Knowledge is not only shared in classrooms or during workshops. By joining our community you become part of a permanent learning network. Experienced entrepreneurs, experts and people living the startup-dream come together physically and digitally to share experiences and help each other to take the next step. 


The Partners

are here to help

We rely on a strong network of partners to strengthen our experience and offer.




IBM Bluemix




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Life in the incubator
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  2. The CoFoundry will open its doors soon. Stay tuned!

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